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Analysis showcases lectures, documentaries and research with the core aim of providing a learning experience. Content will vary in subject matter - from visual arts, to music, to anthropology to psychology - no topic is off limits. This programme will challenge and inspire listeners through unique insight and perspective. 



Music of Protest

by George Lincoln

In this four-part series, we explore protest music from around the world, the inspirations and struggles behind the music, as well as the impact and legacy those artists have had on our life and culture. Each episode will examine one of the following themes: Black Lives Matter, War and Conflict, Environmental Action, and Class and Capitalism. Through each song, we’ll also be examining what turns an ordinary piece of music into ‘protest music’.


Episode 1:


In this episode, we examine music that has been inspired by the struggles of people of colour throughout the centuries, and the fight for equality.


Episode 2:


In this episode, we look at music written about war and conflict around the world, and examine the different conflicts that inspired our songs, such as the Vietnam War, Falklands War, and the Spanish Civil War.


Episode 3:


Episode 3 looks at music inspired by climate change, deforestation, and environmental destruction.


Episode 4:


In the final episode, we look at music which has been inspired by class politics, capitalism, and the policies of left-wing and right-wing governments. 



An American Hate Story

'Unhinged, An America Hate Story', is an investigation into the growing climate of hate in the United States. Originally produced by the incredible Arizona based News21, Ramsgate Radio has adapted the original work into an exclusive two part audio piece.

As part of our ongoing Analysis programme, this work provides Ramsgate Radio listeners with a stark analysis and exploration of hate culture in America; examining the legacy of intolerance, racism and hate crimes, looking at what it means to the country today.

The work contains depictions of extremely violent acts, which some listeners may find disturbing. 'Part 1: Legacy & Violence' premiered on Ramsgate Radio at on 20th January 2021 (American Inauguration Day), and 'Part 2: Identity & Reform' premiers 9pm on 27th January 2021.

We'd like to thank the outstanding work of News21, a national multimedia reporting project produced by the nation’s top journalism students and graduates. Led by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jacquee Petchel, and direction from leading news veterans, including Leonard Downie Jr., former executive editor of The Washington Post, each year students selected into the program report in-depth on a single topic of national importance.

Over the years, participating schools have produced projects on health, religion, senior citizens, energy, education, the economy, diversity and politics, among other topics. In addition, News21 students have produced national investigations on voting rights, transportation safety, food safety, veterans issues and gun law in America.


RIP:A Remix Manifesto

Our first series showcases Brett Gaylor’s documentary in which he examines and challenges the concept of intellectual property within music. The documentary will be presented in four parts and as a response to the work, Ramsgate Radio will share it under a creative commons licence. Research materials focusing on related topics will also be made available.