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How do our experiences affect the way in which we perceive our home? These documentaries will shine a light on the people that ultimately make the locality what it is, providing a powerful glimpse into the lives of those around us. 


real voices



Filipe Gomes




In a special episode of our ‘being…’ series, we talk to Rebecca Whiteman, an artist whose work is driven by a fear of loss: loss of memory, loss of the tangible, loss of connection. Her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis triggered a desire to interrogate these feelings, ultimately navigating her to the slow crafts of hand stitching and patchwork as processes of meditation and acceptance. Through the intensity of gazing into the past, Rebecca noticed the importance of frames in remembering; how they work as viewpoints, protective shields and shrines around our losses. 


Action Community 

There is so much that we can learn from our youth and this episode we shine a light on the inspirational and uplifting work of ACT. Based in Pie Factory Ramsgate, Action Community Thanet are a group of young people working to make a positive difference in Thanet. 

As part of our ‘being’ series, Francesca Alphonso talks to two of the group’s members about their motivations and ideologies as they prepare to put on a fundraiser event in collaboration with POW Thanet, that aims to raise awareness of MPS (Mucopolysaccharidoses) - a genetic disease caused by the body’s inability to produce enzymes. 


Thanet Chamber Choir

This group of immensely talented singers would (under normal circumstances) meet regularly to rehearse and perform. Led by Greg Tassell, the Thanet Chamber Choir have faced many challenges this year, non more difficult than the loss of a friend and fellow singer, Tristan Harper. 

We went to visit the choir on a cold windy night as they rehearse for one last time before lockdown. We met at St Augustines in Westgate to talk about the joys of singing as a group, the challenges surrounding Covid and most importantly, to share a musical experience. 



Our first series focuses on Symone, an artist and life long resident of Ramsgate whose story is both heart breaking and truly inspirational. This piece is made up of several conversations between Filipe Gomes and Symone, recorded over the course of a day - the work places the listener within the conversation as if you’re right there sharing a moment together. And although some very difficult topics are candidly discussed, this story is ultimately about transformation and pride in one's self. 

The series consists of four episodes, each released fortnightly right here on Ramsgate Radio. 

Part 1 - It Is What It Is: 

Whilst walking along Ramsgate's Seafront, Symone talks about growing up in Ramsgate, her family life, going in to care and ultimately her attachment to the area. We get a glimpse into what this locality means to her and look at her hopes for the future of Ramsgate. Although Symone isn't explicit in saying so, we begin to get a sense of some disturbing events that took place early on in her life, experiences that would ripple throughout her adult life. 

Part 2 - A Cut for a Cut: 

In a packed noisy pub, Symone talks about Mental Health and her struggle with it. In this episode we get insight on Symone's coping mechanisms which at times are shocking and upsetting. We also look at how Symone has triumphed in her lifelong battle with self harming and discuss the devastating effects of insomnia. By this point, Filipe and Symone are clearly very connected and comfortable talking openly and freely.   

Part 3 - The Tutu 

As the evening passes, Filipe & Symone are still at the Pub, their food has arrived and the two are now very deep in conversation. Symone returns to her childhood and recollects moments of happiness and distress. For the first time, Symone brings up Nova Marshall, a community artist and close friend to whom Symone unveils a massive revelation.   

If you are or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this series, visit our help and support contacts for links to organisations that may be able to help.