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Ramsgate Arts Primary School Festivities 2020





Filipe Gomes



Under normal circumstances, our schools would invite ‘grown ups’ to watch their children celebrate the festive period through performance. The process of building a performance and to then step out on to a stage to showcase it, is easy to underestimate. However, the very act has the potential to empower our little ones in the most beautiful way; it offers them one of their first encounters with collaboration and mutual dependency, in realising a common goal - it’s such a powerful way of introducing our little children to the concept of unity. 

The current pandemic has disrupted these events and our littlest ones won’t get to experience this in the same way as older children have. Therefore, Ramsgate Radio wants to, in a tiny way, bring some of this experience to our children. There’s something about having a producer coming in to the school with lots of microphones and cables that creates a sense of anticipation and excitement - to then share that performance within a Radio context is a little like stepping out on to a stage. All we have to do is listen and be proud of their bravery. 

It was such a pleasure spending time with the RAPS team. We loved talking to the children but honestly, listening to the staff talk about their experience and the ways in which they create such a safe and creative environment, was nothing short of inspirational and heart warming. We must, must, must show these amazing people how valued they are. 

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