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Alice Lynch



Alice Lynch

Grainne Wrigley

Filipe Gomes

Discovery Planet is focused on learning and making a positive impact in the communities they serve. Through their innovative approach to reimagining public spaces, they are committed to providing learning experiences that are inspirational, enriching and creative.


This radio series seeks to explore Discovery Planet's unique philosophy further, examining their work from all angles and highlighting how learning can influence people's lives and localities. Through interviews, commentary and analysis, the series provides an in-depth look into Discovery Planet's work, enabling listeners to gain a deeper understanding of learning initiatives that are making a difference.


Through this collaboration between Ramsgate Radio and Discovery Planet, we hope to spread the message further about learning and how it can bring positive change. Listeners will gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding about learning initiatives in their own communities, as well as learning more about Discovery Planet's inspiring work.

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