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Ramsgate Street Photography 2020 - 2021

To capture a moment in its full vividness is at the best of times an immensely challenging thing to achieve. To leave it to chance is on another level altogether. If you’re the one behind the camera, street photography forces you into the reality of the frame - a strange blend of observation, optimism, and absence. It’s a challenge at the best of times, but to confine yourself to capturing the moment on an analog format, opens up vulnerabilities on all fronts, it forces you to contemplate just how delicate the shot is. 


Adjust the settings, compose the frame, time it perfectly, release the shutter, endure the moment of ‘silence’ until the film has been developed. 


Beyond the craft itself, this kind of photography is ultimately about saying; I see you, I see the complexities, I see what others might not. This is perhaps the biggest factor as to why we chose to work with Dean Scutt - the very existence of his craft is a statement founded on respect for what is actually in front of you. 


Throughout 2020 and 2021, Dean was tasked with capturing the essence of Ramsgate...a town that is undergoing so much change, a town whose  DNA might be at risk of being forgotten. This collection is a visual document of that time, presented as it was always intended, as something you can touch and hold.


In the coming months we will exhibit and release Dean's work in the Ramsgate Radio store. We've named this evolving exhibition 'Locoll' and it'll be accompanied by a fifty page limited edition photo-book next year. 

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