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Feminist Kings Cover.jpg

Feminist Kings talk Feminist things 

Host / Producer

"Feminist Kings Talk Feminist Things" is an inspirational podcast that showcases the exceptional talents of POW mentees Ella, Valentine, and Jasmine, highlighting Thanet's creative and forward-thinking female and non-binary youth. In partnership with Ramsgate Radio, this thought-provoking work, ideal for listeners aged 16 and up, is a beacon of empowerment and insight.

Diving into the cultural phenomenon of 'The Barbie Movie,' the trio masterfully dissects its influence on gender perceptions, sparking a powerful dialogue about representation and identity. Their deep exploration into the personal and societal impacts of contraception sheds light on a topic often hidden in shadows, offering new perspectives and understanding.

The three also interview Lily Kartreiber, an exciting up & coming musician and producer studying music at Broadstairs College.

The podcast serves as a clarion call to Thanet's youth, emphasising the radical importance of rest in a fast-paced world. It's an invitation to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate, acknowledging rest as a vital act of self-care and resistance against societal pressures.

Content Warning: This work bravely tackles sensitive subjects such as blood, mental health challenges, sexism, and misogyny. 

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