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The UK Creative Festival is a unique opportunity for young people to learn from and be inspired by the best of the UK's creative communities. Taking place at Margate's Dreamland, the festival offers a range of talks, panels, and workshops covering topics such as music, design, illustration, photography and more. It's an invaluable chance for young people to meet some of the most influential creative figures in the industry, and gain insight that will help them kick-start their own creative careers. The festival provides a platform for young untapped talent to connect with each other, exchange ideas and learn invaluable skills for success. With an exciting lineup of speakers and activities, the UK Creative Festival is sure to be an inspiring and memorable event. 

Visit the UK Creative Festival website. 

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UK Creative
Festival 2023


David Fretton

The Education People 


Jeremy Green

UK Creative Founder


Eleanor Cooke

Former Mentee


Ed Low

Creative Agency Leader

Nancy Edwards


Evie Lewis

Filipe Gomes

Producer & Composer

Ryan Richards


Pete Bateson



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