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Mind's Eye


The Minds Eye category is dedicated to showcasing story based radio/audio works such as plays and storytelling. We will work with theatre companies and storytellers to create compelling and entertaining auditory experiences. 


Emily Hennessey



Filipe Gomes


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Series one: Dog Almighty

For our first season we’re delighted to be working with Emily Hennessey, a storyteller who started her career right here in Ramsgate and who has since gone on to international acclaim for her mastery of storytelling. In her first season on Ramsgate Radio, Emily teams up with our very own Filipe Gomes and together they transport us into the world of Coyote; 


Irreverent, stupid, wise, dangerous and outrageously rude, Coyote has questions. Big Questions. 


Looking for answers he crosses land and sky, pisses down rabbit holes, vomits up his siblings, cheats death, shits and shags and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. 

Emily Hennessey and Filipe Gomes celebrate the great Native American trickster, the original creator and fool, riffing on the blues and high on himself. 

Raw, rough and close to the edge.

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