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Next Gen

What does a place like Thanet have to offer the next wave of creatives? This is possibly too big a topic to cover in a single series. However, we’re going to be investigating this very question in our brand new show, ‘NextGen’. An interview based series that talks to young artists and creatives about their journeys, their inspirations and what it’s like stepping in to a perhaps unpredictable creative sector. 

Hosted by the immensely talented Tia Duff, the first series looks at artists that grew up in Thanet, from aspiring landscape architects, to painters, to actors - some choosing to stick around and others having escaped to other parts of the UK


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Tia Duff



Episode Four: 
Lucy Karczewski

In this episode of NextGen, Tia Duff chats to actor and artist Lucy Karczewski about the power of the female voice. Lucy gives an insight into the gruelling process of applying for drama school and her journey of finding opportunities outside of Thanet in order to achieve this. The pair also discuss female writing and the way in which women are viewed in the acting industry.


Episode Three: 
Georgia Timpson

Tia Duff chats to landscape architect Georgia Timpson  about what landscape architecture is and the healing power of plants and outdoor spaces. The pair discuss climate change, the social importance of outdoor spaces and the journey of being a young woman figuring out which steps to take next.


Episode Two: 
Ryan Jowitt

In this episode of NextGen, Tia Duff chats to Ryan Jowitt about their experience growing up as an artist in Thanet. We discuss how Ryan started painting through the opportunities afforded to him at school, how that shaped him, and his experience on Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year.


Episode One: 
Ellie Ward

In our first episode Tia talks to the immensely talented Ellie Ward about their vivid and thought provoking poetry. In a playful and honest exchange, the two talk about life in Thanet, both past and present, the power of teenage girls, and the emerging local poetry scene.