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The Outernational

DJ, music lover and street culture junkie. Hooch has played and promoted clubs and parties all over London from underground warehouse parties to some of the biggest events at the city's major venues! He is part of the infamous Funkin'P crew who rocked parties & clubs in London and across the UK for over 25 years!

Hooch had the longest running funk & hip hop club in the UK from 1991 to 2003 in Covent Garden's Africa Centre. He also brought over funk legends Parliament/Funkadelic for some incredible gigs in the early 90's. At his club, the crowds kept coming, the music stars passed through undercover and everyone kept dancing! Around the same time the b-boys & b-girls (break dancers) started hitting the club to ‘throw down’ to the beats they weren't getting elsewhere.

In 1996, Hooch founded the UK B-Boy Championships which he still runs today. A pioneering event, it has paved the way for Breaking to be included in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.​


DJ Hooch


Aired between 2020 to 2021

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