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These broadcasts will be purposefully eclectic and hopefully illuminating, charting the incline and decline of both accessible and challenging genres, while pointing out the "music as art", that has spilled through the airwaves, clubs and concert halls over the last 60 or 70 years, or even longer.   The ultra groovy thing about what we would 'file under popular' at any given time is that it actually burns up in orbit as another new star sparks into view.  I'm not going to map out decades, fall back on dates and diaries or even consult my protractor - to put blues or country music's evolution into rock and roll or bebop's slide into free jazz as some kind of "natural" happening.  There are intellectual ways of looking at these things but, like many a music fan, my tastes can get pretty diverse or nonsensical, so these particular programmes will be as much to do with contrast as anything else.  


The individual playlists for each show will be putting the emphasis on : WHAT (EXACTLY) BECOMES PROGRESSIVE MUSIC?  Naturally, of all things close to my heart,  psychedelia seemed like a most tantalising zone to dive into, and it remains the centre of my musical cyclone still. I reckon people tuning in might recognise where I have gone on my harmonic (or discordant) journey - and why all roads lead back to 'Interstellar Overdrive'. 


As I enter my 8th decade on this third stone from the sun, my enthusiasm for music old and new, has never diminished, and I hope to whip up that same enthusiasm and curiosity for the loyal listener with introductions to artists and albums they might never have heard of, or only wondered about until that fateful day on Ramsgate Radio.

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The Phantom Frequency


Mark Bandola


On Air 8pm Tuesdays

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