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  The Repair Café

Jasmine Ellis


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Filipe Gomes


In the latest audio piece from Ramsgate Radio’s Inside series, we explore the heartwarming and practical efforts of the Repair Café in Ramsgate. This community initiative is dedicated to helping residents manage living expenses while actively reducing waste, offering a lifeline for both people and their beloved household items.

The Repair Café is staffed by skilled volunteers who generously offer their expertise in various areas: fabric repairs, furniture restoration, bike maintenance, and IT troubleshooting. Each session is a testament to community spirit and resourcefulness, where neighbours come together to breathe new life into their possessions rather than discarding them.

This piece delves into the essence of what makes the Repair Café special. It’s not just about fixing things; it’s about fostering a culture of sustainability and mutual aid. The café serves as a reminder of the value in repairing over replacing, promoting a more environmentally conscious and cost-effective way of living.

Join us as we look in on this community resilience, ingenuity, and the simple, yet profound act of repair.

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