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Dean Scutt

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The Ramsgate Radio programme development fund 
Every last penny of the profit from our products goes directly in to the Ramsgate Radio development fund - each item we sell will contribute towards building a range of content that is free of external influence and that can solely focus on your Ramsgate Radio experience.   

Reducing mass production

These items are made to order - they don't exist until you buy them. This means we're significantly reducing excessive manufacturing, wasted stock and ultimately offering you pretty unique quality products. The benefits of this type of purchase are huge on many levels. However, it does mean that we should all try to be a little more responsible as consumers - please read through the product description and sizing measurements carefully, perhaps even do a bit of measuring yourself, and remember, orders can take a little longer than expected. A small selection of our products can be seen at our Ramsgate Harbour headquarters and at official partner retail stores. 



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