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Take Over

Creating a radio show entales quite a lot of work.  From research to writing to planning to recording; add to that the aesthetic of keeping it as ‘live’ as possible and you’ve got a beast on your hands. The end result here on Ramsgate Radio aims to create a seamless and fluent experience. It not only takes a great deal of time and commitment, it also requires courage from the host/presenter to actually speak on the mic. 

As a way of making the process of sharing music more accessible to a wider range of creators, we’ve opened up playlist slots or ‘station take-overs’ throughout our schedule. These are intended to let the music do all the talking whilst allowing the creator to share musical journeys. The take-overs are open to anyone but we do look for some sort of concept that informs the playlist. 


The Queens

Episode Two: Shelly Grotto

Shelly is an ornate subterranean drag queen, currently ranked as the No1 visitor attraction in Margate. As an AFAB(ulous) queen, she uses performance as an outlet to explore identity, play with gender constructs and have a good old party whilst doing it.

Shelly burst onto the Local drag scene in 2019 after unsuccessfully completing Janet District Council’s drag internship scheme. Out of office hours her hobbies include roller skating, karaoke, stealing boyfriends and breaking hearts. 

Her music taste is a combination of feel good and fierce. Expect disco classics, golden oldies, pop princesses and explicit content. Perfect for moving on up and getting on down.

Episode One: Casey Sea

Casey Sea is a Thanet Drag Queen through and through. When she’s not causing a scene at her local queer bar, you’ll often find her attention-seeking at various karaoke nights & entertaining the art farts of Margate.


But then lockdown hit.


Since then she’s been refining her makeup skills (thank god), filming music videos with her friends and working on her post-COVID comeback.


Until then she’d like to offer you: Casey Sea’s Drag Seaside Sadness. A playlist she feels offers as much cultural currency as Christina Aguilera’s Stripped... 


This playlist plays homage to those drunken walks  home along the beach after a night out dancing with friends. When you know it’s past your bed time but you can’t resist to stop and watch the sunrise, as the waves wash over your broken stilettos and the hangover kicks in.

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