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The Thyme Machine Turns You On 

The Thyme Machine Will Turn You On stops off at long lost songs from a past, that in my mind still swirls to noonday underground discotheques, pulsates with obscure and forgotten Freakbeat classics while all the while sticking its grubby hands into the record boxes of the 20th century in search of melody driven song craft and that final lost chord. It’s a trip that skip’s the light fandango and dances to the melody of a soul train beat while wearing a rat pack suit and soundtracked by Burt Bacharach & John Barry.


I grew up in a house that pulsated with music of all hues from morning too long after bed time and everything from Billie Holiday to Son House via The Beatles and 70’s Soul and Reggae pulsated through the house. That feeling of pick and mix where genre’s crash and collide and complement each other is something I still cherish to this day and that hopefully will be reflected in the songs played on these shows..


Since I have made mix tapes for friends, lovers and people that didn’t even want them or even have cassette players, designing the sleeves and writing liner notes for each one and even dj’ed in 60’s clubs back in 90’s, but playing records on a radio show was a dream that I daren’t not dream as it seemed impossible, but hey sometimes dreams come true and here I am..

Hopefully there will be tracks on here that will have you delving into your nearest record store while dancing across the kitchen floor. I wish to create something that is both Swinging and Soulful in equal measure with a touch of class, a twist of obscure and a smattering of why the hell don’t I know this track. 


From Sunshine Pop, 50’s Crooner’s, Psych Pop, New Wave, Soundtracks, Hammond Driven Instrumental’s, 60’s & 70’s Soul, Jazz Masters, Gospel, Girl Groups, Easy Listening to French La La, Weird and Twisted Psychedelia and Acid Folk and Country Rock, Blue Beat, Ska and Rock and Roll plus everything else in-between I’s a smorgasbord of the 20th century musical landscape so I hope you will join me in my Flying Thyme Machine for the ride and stay for the music.


Wayne Waterson


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Live On Air

London: 09:00
New York: 05:00
Los Angeles: 02:00
Hanoi: 16:00
Sydney: 20:00 

London: 13:00 
New York: 09:00 
Los Angeles: 06:00  
Hanoi: 20:00
Sydney: 00:00

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