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Walk With Me

real voices



Filipe Gomes


Walk with Me is a ‘soundprint’ of another persons world in real time, it’s a series of sonic excursions set throughout Ramsgate, each with their own unique starting point, the listener will be guided through the town, listening to what it all means to someone else. 


As an interactive piece, this is a clash of two sonic moments; the past and present. The listener will need to heighten their awareness of the sonic world, tuning in to the way someone else is interacting with space whilst at the same time absorbing the real world. The work creates a dependancy on the guide as they lead the way and the excursions are available ‘off line’, allowing you to go out and actually try to keep up with the guide’s directions and movements. As a radio piece, it’s a unique and detailed account of a noisy world of opinions, lifestyles and beliefs. 


Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA
Ellen Harvey

10 years after appearing in the gallery’s opening exhibition ‘Revealed’, artist Ellen Harvey returns to Turner Contemporary opening the anniversary programme with her first UK solo show The Tourists, an exhibition paired with works by JMW Turner.


As part of our ‘Walk With Me’ series, Ellen worked with Ramsgate Radio to build an audio excursion around her home in Brooklyn. In this exclusive 30 minute piece, Ellen talks about her work and her life in the USA as she walks around her neighbourhood. 


For those of you not familiar with our walk with me series, the best way to describe it is as a ‘soundprint’ of another persons world in real time, it’s a series of sonic excursions set throughout a particular location - it’s an intimate sonic experience that allows you to see the world through another’s perspective.

Start Point: 

Somewhere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


30 Minutes

End Point: 

You decide

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Location: Ramsgate, UK


Having lived in Ramsgate for over a year, Jennifer takes us through the neighbourhoods that mean that most to them. Walking past the busy Spencer Square Tennis Courts and on to the windy and sun drenched West Cliff, Jennifer reflects on the time spent in Ramsgate, their reasons for moving here, and the hopes for the future. 

Start Point: 

Royal Road in Ramsgate, the part that overlooks Spencer Square.


30 minutes X2 - Total: 1 Hour

End Point: 


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