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A word from the
Ramsgate Radio 
Artistic Director... 

In 2020, the world as we knew it was thrown into a weird disarray. For me, like so many others, life underwent a seismic shift. The pandemic ravaged the familiar landscape of my work, leaving in its wake a tableau of uncertainty and change. Yet, in this maelstrom, I found an unexpected ally: freedom. The kind of liberating, exhilarating freedom that comes from staring into the abyss and deciding to leap. It was, in a way, a moment of unvarnished clarity, a chance to embrace a deeper, perhaps more significant pursuit. There's a strange ease in this kind of rebirth, akin to an ancient Buddhist mantra of letting go and starting anew, but with a renewed vigour and purpose. This very ethos fuelled the inception of Ramsgate Radio.


I've always been captivated by the late Anthony Bourdain's approach. His knack for unravelling stories over a simple meal, transforming dining into a conduit for deeper human connections, has profoundly influenced me. In a similar vein, Ramsgate Radio is a platform that casts a light on the tales often relegated to the shadows of our society, bringing them into the limelight in an engaging, accessible manner. Ramsgate Radio gravitates towards the effects of gentrification on local communities, especially on those inadvertently sidelined. I'm all for breathing new life into neighbourhoods, yet I can't help but grapple with the idea that such changes often leave so many individuals feeling like outsiders in their own home.


This, coupled with the growing polarisation slicing through our societal fabric, is what drives the station's overarching ambition: to forge connections, to celebrate the diverse tapestry of our community, and, above all, to listen — genuinely listen — to each other. It's a lofty goal, no doubt, more complex in practice than in theory, but it's the very soul of what we're striving to achieve at Ramsgate Radio.


When quizzed about who our station caters to, my response is unflinchingly straightforward: “everyone”. It might sound like a marketer's nightmare, but our resolve is unshaken. We're crafting content that's not only a mirror to our locale but also a force that galvanises and nourishes our sense of community.


Building this bridge begins with collaborating with content creators whose ethos resonates with ours. We're not just about sharing stories; we're about creating experiences — whether it's through the universal language of food, the rhythmic escape of dance, or the evocative power of music. Our team is dedicated to serving you. 


However, to authentically represent our incredibly diverse community, we need you. Whether you're a fisherman eager to share your ocean tales, an aspiring DJ with a fresh take on music, or simply someone seeking inclusion, we invite you to join us. Help us reflect the vibrant kaleidoscope of our community and let us use our skills, tools, and editorial judgement to craft content that resonates, that deserves to be heard.

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