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A word from the
Ramsgate Radio 
Artistic Director... 

In 2020, as the world grappled with an unparalleled challenge, it became clear that our daily lives and the essence of community were in flux. Amidst this, Ramsgate Radio emerged not just as a beacon of hope but as a necessary evolution towards more meaningful engagement. It represented a bold embrace of change, offering a path to pursue endeavors that deeply matter.

We are  more than a radio station; we're a platform for unveiling stories that dwell in the unseen corners of our community, particularly as we navigate the delicate dynamics of evolution. This evolution, while bringing new energy and possibilities, necessitates a careful balance to ensure everyone feels included and valued, maintaining the essence of home for all residents.

At its core, Ramsgate Radio seeks to bridge divides in an era marked by increasing polarisation. In a world where differing views can drive wedges within communities, the station stands as a testament to the power of dialogue and storytelling. By fostering an environment where all voices are heard and respected, we aim to celebrate diversity and promote a more inclusive society. This mission acknowledges the complexity of bringing people together but is driven by the conviction that it is both necessary and possible.

The station is a haven for everyone, reflecting the myriad voices and stories that make up our community. Our inclusive ethos influences the content we create, aiming to capture the vibrancy and richness of our collective experiences. Whether it's through music, food, dance, or storytelling, Ramsgate Radio offers a platform for everyone to share, connect, and feel valued.

Collaboration is key to our mission. We aspire to work with creators who share our commitment to overcoming divisions and fostering social connection. We want to work with you in creating spaces for meaningful interactions that resonate with and inspire our audience. We invite you to join us, whether you're sharing your unique experiences, perspectives, or simply seeking a sense of belonging, come contribute to a narrative that embraces the full spectrum of the world around us. 

Filipe Gomes

Artistic Director

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