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The flight of some music is just too hard to understand - it can come along and change the world, leaving a legacy that becomes entrenched within our day to day lives. 


The Beach Boys are unquestionably one of these musical voyagers. To this day their sounds continue to grace Earth’s airwaves, resonating through every corner of popular music’s chaotically beautiful playground. 


So many, including us here on Ramsgate Radio, have tried to analyse the contextual factors that have led to their significant achievements. However, there’s no amount of research and discussion that can compare to actually talking to one of the members of this incredible band.


In this Ramsgate Radio special edition Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love calls us for an exclusive discussion with Mark Bandola. Listen in as the two talk about a broad range of topics, including The Beatles, transcendental meditation, obsessions with building perfect harmonies, and of course their gig at Dreamland on the 23rd June 2022.

In Interview
Mike Love 

In Interview
Mike Love 


Filipe Gomes


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Mark Bandola


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