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Released by the American heritage brand, Champion, this t-shirt looks 'out of this world' with our Bandcamp Show design. It features the triple stack Ramsgate Radio emblem on the left chest, the Bandcamp Show graphic on the back, and of course, the iconic "C" logo on the left sleeve. 


Reducing Mass-Manufacturing

These items are made to order - they don't exist until you buy them. This means we're significantly reducing excessive manufacturing, wasted stock and ultimately offering you pretty unique high quality products. The benefits of 'bespoke buying' are huge on many levels. However, it does mean that returns and refunds are much harder to manage. Our response to this is that, we ask you to be more aware and responsible as consumers - please read through the product sizing measurements carefully, perhaps even measure yourself. Then, buy the product. Of course, in the unlikely event that there are reasonable defects and/or errors on the product, please reach out to us and we'll do our very best to offer you a replacement.    


Support the content 

This particular design will contribute towards building our BCS series - every last penny of the profit goes directly into the programme's production fund, meaning we can build with less external influence, allowing us to focus on the listener experience.


Product Specs & Key Features

  • 2021 RR tripple stack emblem (Front Left) 
  • BC Signiture (Front Right)
  • BC Graphic (Back)  
  • "C" logo (left sleeve)






Width (cm): 45.7

Length (cm): 71.1



Width (cm): 50.80

Length (cm): 73.60



Width (cm): 55.80

Length (cm): 76.20



Width (cm): 60.90

Length (cm): 78.70



Width (cm): 66.00

Length (cm): 83.80



Width (cm): 71.10

Length (cm): 86.30

BC T-Shirt

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