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Vinyl Voyage 

 Led by the extraordinary Jon Nickoll, The Vinyl Voyage is a radio show that plays nothing but original, wonderous, sometimes dusty vinyl. He has been collecting records since the age of 8, now entering his 4th decade, so that’s a lot of record boxes of magic to spin for you over the coming seasons. As well as being an obsessive record collector and listener, he's been a musician all of his adult life; specifically, the resident musician in The Savoy Hotel’s American Bar, where he's sung and played to an extraordinary array of legends and icons over the last 17 years.


"Hosting The Vinyl Voyage show has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember-sharing these treasured sounds from the early 20th Century right up to brand new 21st Century releases; basically if it moves me, it will get a spin. I have a particular kink for pulling out the lesser travelled corners of familiar artists’ music, you can expect a 12 inch or two and my addiction to rifling through groaning cardboard boxes stuffed with albums and singles in charity shops also helps give the show a sometimes ‘left- of- field’ content to draw upon. I’m always willing to share an anecdote or two from my life performing on the road, but skippering this Vinyl Voyage just be might my proudest achievement to date. 


Jon Nickoll


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